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How To Pass HubSpot Certifications The First Time

HubSpot certifications look great on your resume and are easy to acquire, if you know a few tricks. In this article I discuss how to easily pass any HubSpot certification the first time.

HubSpot makes it very easy to pass their HubSpot Academy certifications, such as the HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification. They give you all the answers, written out -often in bullet points- in their videos.

They also provide you with playback speed controls. They want you to pass easily and start working as an inbound marketer. This benefits HubSpot by putting more brand advocates into their target market, so rest assured they’re cheering you on and want you to succeed.

In this article I’ll go over three original tips that you can use to pass any HubSpot certification the first time, plus summarize all the typical best practices to ensure that you get the maximum value out of the time you invest into the course material.

Here are the typical best practices that everyone recommends:

  • Set aside a weekend (or at least 24 hours from start to finish) to study, practice with quizzes, review your notes, and finally take the test.

  • HubSpot produces study guides for each certification that lay out the important topics you’ll need to learn to be able to pass the test. Print the guide and use it to focus your studies and, most especially, how you review your notes and what you attempt to memorize. This is a solid insurance policy against having to take the test multiple times.

  • Read the HubSpot Academy certification FAQ before starting your studies. This will address the most challenging topics and equip you with the knowledge to focus your note-taking and memorization efforts as well.

  • Watch all the videos in each section of the course material. You may know some of the material already -but don’t get distracted or bored, there’s lots of information you probably don’t know mixed in with the details you do.

  • Take lots of really thorough and detailed notes. And then review your notes before the exam. Spend more time on this than you think you need to...this one piece of advice is probably the most important for successfully passing the certification exam.

  • Don’t be afraid to rewatch videos. You can speed up the playback or skip thorough the parts you fully understand and just focus on the bits where you’re not 100% confident you know the right answers.

  • Take the quizzes at the end of each section of the certification course material until you pass with 100% accuracy. They’re not hard and the questions are very similar to a few of the trickier questions you’ll have to answer during the test.

  • Ask your peers for general advice, especially if they’ve recently taken the test (as the answers are periodically updated), or, if you’ve got specific questions, pick their brains for information on the areas where you’re least confident.

  • Don’t feel pressured to take the test until you’re ready. And then don’t rush once you’re actually taking the test. HubSpot Academy gives you LOTS of time to complete the test. If you’re feeling rushed at all, you took the exam too soon and probably should have studied more first. It’s designed to be easy to pass once you’ve done the requisite work.

  • Stay up-to-date on new HubSpot features and developments. They’ll go over everything you need to learn in the course material several times but it’s still good to be aware of what information has been around for a few years versus what is new (and therefore likely to be a topic of focus in the exam).
top 3 tips to pass HubSpot certifications

Now, as promised, here are my personal top 3 tips to help you pass HubSpot certifications the first time:

  1. Watch all the videos at 1.5x speed and PAUSE on the screens where text is displayed, especially bullet points. Make exhaustive notes of any text displayed in HubSpot Academy videos. Also take note of any particular anecdotes they use to explain their points.

  2. Run through your notes, beginning to end, before taking the test at the end of the course. You’ll increase the odds that you remember everything you documented and be able to locate specific notes more quickly when you get to the corresponding section of the test.

    The test questions are typically in the same chronological order as the course material, and thus, also your notes. Organize your notes well and be thorough and you’re extremely likely to succeed on the first try.

  3. Examine concrete, real-world examples of topics covered in the course material. There’s just nothing like personal, first-hand experience and you’ll be better equipped for the test questions if you have a firm grasp of the subject, in action. HubSpot often gives real-world examples of their methodologies in practice, but even where they don’t, it’s worth a quick search for [your topic] + examples or [your topic] + case studies (e.g. “10x pillar page examples”).

Bringing it all together:

In summary, you can save time by watching the videos on 1.5x speed (a typical certification has quite a few to watch), as long as you pause the video and record any of the visual cues HubSpot displays on the screen. These often take the form of simple bullet point lists that you can easily copy down and reference during the test.

The test questions follow the same order as the subjects covered in the course material, which makes it easier to find the correct answers in your notes very quickly if you organize your notes chronologically by the sections in the course material.

Reviewing your notes before and during the test ensures that you remember everything you documented and can find all the answers you need easily within the allotted time for the test.

Search for examples of any topics that are introduced to you for the first time so that you have direct personal experience and are 100% clear on the real-world applications of what you’ve learned.

And follow the classic wisdom embodied in these best practices:

Don’t rush, take your time… Review your answers thoroughly.

Rewatch videos multiple times if necessary. Skip to the specific parts of the videos that you need reinforced to save time.

Take the sample test questions at the end of each section of the course material for practice.

Make good use of the study guide and test aids and chat with any of your peers who’ve recently passed the same certification.

Keep generally up-to-date on HubSpot product announcements, new features, and shifts in the inbound marketing methodology, especially if you’ve already passed the certification previously and are due to retake it soon.

Follow these tips and you’ll pass your HubSpot certifications easily.

This will not only provide qualified, respected certifications on your CV, but also a firm understanding of the valuable best practices incorporated into HubSpot's methodology.

HubSpot Academy has trained tens of thousands of successful professionals to take up the mantle of inbound marketers and salespeople. They want you to succeed and they’ve actually made the process fairly painless and rewarding.

Expect to spend at least a full day training for the Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, or Inbound Sales certifications. There are plenty of others to consider as well, some deeper and more time-consuming and others lighter and quicker to complete. Each are worth their weight in gold and you’re very unlikely to regret any time you invest into improving your career with such well produced learning materials.

Dig in. Take good notes. And step confidently into your future career as an inbound marketer with the knowledge that you’re receiving the best, most up-to-date training available on the market today. Good luck!

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