Content Is Everything

Content Creation


Digital Storytelling

Content marketing: Blogging, eBooks, thought leadership, infographics, videos, social media, native advertising, and more.

Technical / Practical

Copywriting: Web pages, ad copy, brochures, product descriptions, knowledge bases, learning content, and more.

Sales Enablement

Sales materials: Sales decks, one-pagers, email sequences, demo videos, case studies, testimonial videos, and more.


How do we work together?

1. Research

First we'll establish goals, tone, and voice and I'll interview your subject matter experts. Then I'll research the topic and your competitors online, as time allows.

2. Drafts

Next I'll provide an outline, storyboard, or other form of rough draft for your team to review prior to producing the final piece, to ensure we're all aligned.

3. Revisions

Finally, I'll deliver the finished piece, on-time, edited, and ready for use after addressing any feedback your team provides within two timely revisions

$ 125/h

Projects / Consultation

Ideal as a short-term solution; typical projects include website copy, eBooks, documentation, and any form of bulk content marketing assets.

  • On-Demand Expertise
  • Minimum 5 Hours
  • No Contract Required
$ 65/h

Retainers / On-Going

Structured for long-term engagements with regular activities (e.g. blogging, thought leadership, social); or situations where internal teams need on-going support.

  • Guaranteed Availability
  • Minimun 20 Hours
  • Hours Roll Over